Investment: Should I buy a property in Mauritius

Invest in Mauritius: Property

Mauritian Real Estate Market has recorded a 4.5% growth in the first quarter of 2017 and is defintely a stable and good healthy year, so the Statistics Report information. The Mauritian market attracts an increasing number each year of foreign investors and is regarded internationally as highly profitable investment sector.

Think globally! – investors look incrasingly to international markets as new asset class in the landscape of real estate investment.

Mauritius has become increasingly popular for foreign investors and one of the most popular countries to buy a second home as asset class.

The Mauritian Real Estate sector is booming and property values have been highly increasing in value and providing excellent re-sale value.

Mauritius is also known for its economic success , is socially stable and has political stability with a democratic government.

Buying a real estate asset in Mauritius , it is worth the investment .This can be a great family project (also to built up heritage), a smart investment to benefit from tax advantages, high rental profitability, ensuring also substantial resale profit, or Trust or Company.
Before taking steps ensure that you have the most current information and key factors , stategically location which remains the most important factor for your objectives available to make the right choice for your investment goals.

The Mauritius real estate construction market sector carries out according to a statistics report approximately more than 130 residential projects for foreign investors have been implemented or are in progress or will be soon implemented. In fact, there are more than 80 projects will be carried out under (RES) and while 8 Projects will be undertaken through (IRS) and furthermore about 34 projects will soon be implemented through (PDS).

Think globally & Success factors:
Local knowledge , local quality of insight, authentic information and also network, relations has always been essential and becomes more and more sought after by real estate investors … As „home-grown“ on Mauritius and well connected , we guide investors efficient to the right people with specialist expertise, that will become more and more important in real estate investment opportunities.