Economy in Mauritius

Economy and Politics

Mauritius was a French colony for nearly a century until 1810 and a British colony thereafter until it obtained Independence in 1968. Republic of Mauritius, the island is a state under the rule of law in line with its democratic framework and institutions.

The country displays true political and social and financial stability. The economic environment is that of an open economic market, an excellent financial infrastructure, international reputation, confidentiality laws and investor and non-resident  friendly regime and modern corporate legislation.

Modern and flexible corporate and commercial laws. A hybrid legal system developed from the French and English legal systems Mauritius is a well regulated sophisticated jurisdiction, confidentiality is strictly observed and modern corporate legislation expanding the network tax treaties and world class banks.

Mauritius has well established international banking institutions and an international stock exchange.

Mauritius has an attractive tax system that tax rate is one of the lowest in the world.

The market economy is relying on free trade. Mauritius is a business-friendly environment, it stands out internationally as a place where business is made smoother and is opening to the world.
Mauritius has a simple and quick company registration procedure and transparency in a reasonable and clear taxation and costs. Double taxation treaties have been signed between Mauritius and 37 countries.

Among which are France, U.K., Germany, South Africa, India and China and many others. Allowing relocated companies from these countries to pay their Mauritian income in Mauritius only.

Communication and Transport

Communication and Transport with the rest of the world make Mauritius an ideal location for international business. The island Mauritius has a new international airport and is serviced by many aviation companies.

Air France, Air Mauritius, British Airways, Emirates, SAA, Air Austral, etc. – with daily flights and from the most important destinations from Europe (Paris, London, Dubai, Frankfurt, Zuerich, etc..) and to India, Southern Africa, South East Asia, China and Australia etc.

Mauritius has preferencial market access and is in the triangle converging point of global and cosmopolitian pulse of the world and by leveraging its strategic position at the crossroads.

Over the past years Mauritius has, thanks to its best practices built itself a solid reputation as a secure and reliable investment hub in terms of good governance, transparency, ethics, economic and political freedom.

Mauritius is an international jurisdiction for investors in search of security, transparent regulation and high value-addition.

The Financial Sector is one of the major contributors to the Mauritian economy and the country has been continuously enhancing its range of financial products.

Mauritius offers a low tax jurisdiction and investor friendly environment for local and foreign companies to set up and to do a business or invest.


Taxation: The Fiscal Regimes offers no inheritance tax, 15% Corporate and Personal Income tax rate, 15% VAT (refundable), Tax free dividends, no capital gains tax, exemption from customs duty and VAT on equipment, free repatriation of profits, dividends and capital. Convenient economic conditions for Investors. Investor protection has always been one of the major advantages.

There is no withholding tax on the payment of dividends, interest or royalties by Mauritius companies. Consequently such payments may be made to a person located in another jurisdiction without any withholding tax being levied in Mauritius.

Mauritius is a free market economy and there is no exchange control.


The economy has been successfully developed in to a diversified, innovation-driven and knowledge-based economy, underpinned by a broad spectrum of business activities.

Infrastructure and banking facilities are excellent on Mauritius.

Politically, Mauritius has the tradition of a democratically elected government and has enjoyed political stability for more than 3 decades and sustained economic growth with an impressive track record.

Mauritius has successfully established itself as an international financial centre, well-regulated and a trusted jurisdiction. It is a secure investment location with established secure transparent rule of law and it is the freest and most business-friedly country on the Southern Hemisphere with an investment-friendly regulatory regime and open to foreign investors. Mauritius is independent with guaranteed confidentiality, and has a politically, economicially and socially stable democracy.

Flexible, bilingual (English/French) and having skilled workforce is available. Mauritius is also a very attractive location also for BPO outsourcing. Mauritius is a peaceful multhiethic island with an unique international lifestyle and well known as exclusive holiday destination in the world and for its famous blue stamp of Mauritius.


Boasting a “Cybercity” similar to European cities with many commercial and residential complexes and at least four highways and sustainable development is of importance of the island.

Trade is well developed, with products imported from Europe, Asia or South Africa. Various international brands and trademarks are present; and an increasing number of shopping malls and entertainment facilities.

The island is connected to the SA-SAT-3 fibre optic cable, enabling high bandwidth connectivity This, coupled with the fact that there are daily flights to Europe, South Africa and Asia, means that Mauritius is ideally positioned to do business on an international level.Communication and transport with the rest of the world make Mauritius an ideal location and environment for international business or invest.

+ Top + Ten Reasons to invest in Mauritius

1 + STRONG  democracy and political stability

2 + GDP growth of 5,9 % since  the year 2006

3 + Tourism growth is appx.  10 % per year .

4 + LOW inflation rate

5 + steady economic growth

6 + growing stock market

7 + Xtremly tax efficient

8 + Interest –(ing) % rates on banks

9 + SECURE investment location

10+ Property Value in Mauritius is expected to GROW by 40 % approximately in the next 10 years (in USD $)

The right time is now!!!