Bankaccount Mauritius

Mauritius Private Bankaccount

Mauritius is a leading financial center in the world and representatives and branches of leading international financial institutions.

The major banks have excellent reputation, with clients all over the world and advanced online options and e-statements and also interesting interest rates.

Mauritius has a stable democracy and is a secure international high developed centre in the world with political and financial stability and good economic growth and an impressive track record.

Next to the capital Port Louis is Cybercity Ebene this is the financial hub for Mauritius and International Banks and Offshore Companies, high tech IT hub, BPO Outsourcing.

In order to open a Private Bankaccount the prerequisites are different and quite changeable from bank to bank. Better to check in advance all required documents with detailed verification, notarization or verified translations.

Documents e.g. valid passport, reference letters from local bank, utility bills e.g. telephone, electricity, water bill confirming the personal details such as address, bank instructions for signatures and Transfers and much more details for completion can  often vary from individual personal banker and compliance of the banks. On request we can  assist to check documents provided (per scan documents in advance) with the Bank on Mauritius and the relevant banking formulars and  bank card formulars etc.

A Mauritian local bank account is also relevant for a Retired Residence Permit 50 + and required Transfer.

Only on  request , we can assist and support or guide direct to the bank subsidiaries in Triolet,Mauritius on appointment to the personal bankers for foreigners/non-residents.

In Royal Road, Triolet ,Mauritius are all bank branches also represented for banking.

We can also arrange and/or assist  direct appointments with personal bankers for Port Louis and La Croisette, Grand Baie or Cybercity, Ebene  or provide prospectives with detailed information.

Lots of Europeans (France, La Reunion, Switzerland/Suisse, Austria, Belgium/Belgique, Italy, Sweden, and International Clients (S.A., etc.)  are searching for diversification solutions and opening bank accounts on Mauritius and multi currency accounts. There is a wide range of investment and deposit opportunities on banks in Mauritius. So from our experience it may be very busy at some Bank branches with waiting tickets.

Also for Opening Corporate Bank Accounts we can guide you also direct to our network partners, on request only.