Domestic Company Limited (Ltd.) on Mauritius


A domestic company is a local company (Limited).

Interesting to note is, that a domestic company Ltd. may also hold     

  • immovable property.

A domestic company (Ltd.)  may or may not adopt a constitution, one shareholder is required ( the shareholder may also be a non-resident of Mauritius)  who can either be an individual or a corporate company. The minimum of stated capital is one share. A domestic company (Ltd.) should have one resident director and have a resident company secretary (individual or corporate body)  and must have a registered office in Mauritius and may open a bank account in local or in foreign currencies in Mauritius.

Corporate Taxation on Mauritius is 15%.

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On individual request :

  • Foundation of a branch in Switzerland/Suisse/Schweiz
  • registered company adress Switzerland/Suisse/Schweiz
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Mauritius is currently expanding ist existing Network of 43 double-tax treaties, with 5 treaties awaiting ratification and 4 treaties awating signature.

The country has attracted a huge number of Investors from the Investment and Financial Services sector, the Banking sector, property, real-estate Investments due to ist tax System , stable political and financial and regulatory platform and friendly living environment.